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The fast pace of innovation in IT offers compelling investment opportunities

Truffle Capital is a pioneer investor in the exciting field of Energy

Biotechnology has radically transformed medicine over the past 25 years

Institutional Funds

Institutional Investors such as Insurance Companies, Banks, Pension Funds, Fund of Funds, have trusted us and invested in our Institutional Funds.

Alongside Financial performance, Truffle Capital is committed to deliver the utmost quality of service to its Investors and provide best of breed reporting and corporate governance.
Truffle Capital manages 2 Institutional Funds: Truffle Venture FCPR (launched in 2003) and Truffle Capital II (launched in 2008). Both of these funds are set up under the French regulation “Fonds Communs de Placements à Risques” (FCPR).

Truffle Capital is a member of EVCA, the European Venture Capital Association.