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The fast pace of innovation in IT offers compelling investment opportunities

Truffle Capital is a pioneer investor in the exciting field of Energy

Biotechnology has radically transformed medicine over the past 25 years

Retail Funds

Individuals have an investment pattern that differs from that of institutional investors, with smaller unitary investments and heterogeneous asset allocation strategies.  Nevertheless their combined investment capacity constitutes an increasing provider of financial resources to the Venture Capital industry. Truffle Capital is the advisory company for these holdings.

Truffle Capital conceives and manages a range of Retail Funds, which are specifically designed to meet the requirements and expectations individual investors but are managed in the same diligent manner as its institutional funds.

Truffle Capital currently manages 19 Retail Funds: Europe Innovation 2003 FCPI, Europe Innovation 2004 FCPI, Europe Innovation 2006 FCPI, UFF Innovation 5, UFF Innovation 7, Fortune FCPI, UFF Innovation 8, Fortune 2 FCPI, UFF Innovation 10, Innovation Pluriel FCPI, , Fortune 3 FCPI, UFF Innovation 12, UFF Innovation 14, UFF Innovation 16, UFF Innovation 17, Truffle Fortune 4 FCPI, UFF Innovation N° 15, Truffle Fortune 5 and Truffle Fortune 6.  All of these funds set up under the French regulation “Fonds Communs de Placements dans l’Innovation” (FCPI) and have been approved by AMF, the French financial markets authority.

Truffle Capital liquidated the first retail fund, Europe Innovation 2002 FCPI at a net profit for investors, excluding tax advantage.

In 2010, Truffle Capital also launched 2 series of holdings, called “Holdings Incubatrices 2010″. The first series consists of 9 holdings while the second series consists of 7 holdings. These holdings follow Truffle Capital’s investment strategy and invest in young innovative SMEs.