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The fast pace of innovation in IT offers compelling investment opportunities

Truffle Capital is a pioneer investor in the exciting field of Energy

Biotechnology has radically transformed medicine over the past 25 years

What we do

Truffle Capital invests with an emphasis on spin-offs from industrial firms, laboratories and universities and companies developping breakthrough technologies. We specialise in investing in the IT, and Life Sciences sectors, taking majority stakes and being hands-on investors. We identify companies whose activity or projects contribute to satisfying unmet market demand and that have the potential to become market leaders.

With an investment team composed of international professionals & technology experts, Truffle Capital aims to achieve superior financial returns by leveraging its industry knowledge, extensive network, and operational experience to identify business opportunities that match latent market needs. We have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to seize unique investment opportunities throughout Europe and to implement complex financial engineering solutions in order to build companies that become market leaders. We have been particularly successful in detecting technologies and products in large-cap companies which can serve as the basis for novel, independent companies.

At Truffle Capital we combine healthy growth with a low failure rate, a risk management approach with a balanced portfolio and a clear exit strategy.
Thanks to our broad network of contacts and a focused investment strategy, we have been able to float many companies on stock markets and have successfully sold others.