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août 2011

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August 16, 2011
BoosterMedia recently surpassed one million downloads of its mobile games in the Nokia OVI and Samsung Bada app-stores. The downloads include successful casual game titles such as Mahjong Master, Bubble Blast, Bash-a-Mole as well as a number of fashion dress-up games targeted towards young women.

The games were originally developed for browser-based distribution via BoosterMedia’s numerous mobile gaming portals: by clicking on a game, a user can play instantly. Now some of the browser-based games have been successfully redeveloped for app-store distribution as well. Laurens Rutten, CEO of BoosterMedia, explains: “By using our code-base smartly, we can apply the same mobile games across many different handsets and platforms, both as a browser-based version or in the form of a downloadable app.”

BoosterMedia is currently developing a whole new series of high-end mobile social games, fully integrated with Facebook or other social networks. In addition to HTML5 and Flash browser-versions, these social games will also be made available in various app-stores.


About Boostermedia

BoosterMedia provides end-to-end mobile gaming solutions over the open mobile internet: mobile portals with browser-based social and casual games integration. BoosterMedia helps its partners to monetize their mobile traffic via virtual goods, freemium models and mobile advertising. The games are available for various platforms such as iPhone/iPad, Android and Samsung Bada.

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