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octobre 2011

Truffle Capital


Webinar to Discuss How Active Energy Monitoring and Control Solutions Can Uncover Inefficiencies in Energy Use and Lead to Cost Saving Opportunities

FRAMINGHAM, Massachusetts—October 5, 2011

What: PeopleCube will host a live webinar entitled “Maximizing Energy Efficiency with Active Energy Management Strategies.” PeopleCube’s Peter Tarca, General Manager, Intelligent Buildings will showcase the latest innovations in energy monitoring systems and ways to automatically control consumption based on actual space utilization. He will present how this approach to active energy management leads to improved energy efficiency while reducing energy costs by 40% or more annually.

Why: Energy is typically one of the most expensive items for most organizations, and with the cost of energy continuing to rise, uncovering ways to reduce consumption is quickly becoming a top priority. PeopleCube will explain how integrating an active energy management program can not only reveal unnecessary waste, but allow organizations to take control of their energy use organization-wide down to the individual workspace level.

When: Wednesday, October 12, from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM ET

How: Register to attend the webinar at

Content Details: In this free webinar, experts from PeopleCube will define “active energy management” and discuss the driving forces behind its emergence. They will explain how to capture energy consumption data organization-wide down to a specific workspace, then use energy monitoring dashboards to uncover inefficiencies in energy use. PeopleCube will also coach attendees on integrating workspace scheduling and building management systems to automate consumption and how to “hibernate” unused rooms and workspaces to maximize efficient space utilization and energy use.

Extras: Additional resources such as complimentary whitepapers, case studies, and on-demand workshops on topics such as alternative workspace, energy management, and real-estate utilization analysis are available at PeopleCube’s Resource Center,