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mars 2012

Truffle Capital


Renowned Workplace Consultant Nigel Oseland to Co-Present on the Economic Benefits of Capturing and Analyzing Space Utilization and Post-Occupancy Evaluation

FRAMINGHAM, Massachusetts—March 13, 2012

What: PeopleCube will host a live webinar entitled “Post-Occupancy Evaluation: Measuring the Success of Your Workplace.” Kellie Hunter of PeopleCube and workplace strategist, change manager, and environmental psychologist Nigel Oseland will discuss how organizations can use post-occupancy evaluation (POE) to determine how effectively real estate is serving their purposes. The session will also cover metrics and methods that can be employed to develop effective POEs.

Why: We live in an age when organizations won’t undertake large building projects or even small-scale changes and facility management initiatives unless the value can be proven and the associated spending can be justified. This session will help attendees understand the role POE plays in enhancing an organization and will explain ways to gather space-utilization data that can be used in conjunction with POEs to measure how efficiently real estate is being utilized.
When: Thursday, March 22, from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM ET

How: Register to attend the webinar at
Content Details: The live webinar will cover the importance of POE, methods and metrics, and practical examples of collecting space utilization data. The speakers will discuss the benefits and barriers of POE, key existing POE methods, and how to determine the most beneficial time to conduct a POE. The webinar will also showcase technologies for capturing and analyzing space-utilization data and tell how to leverage real-estate performance reports to uncover workplace inefficiencies, reduce costs, and maximize the efficient utilization of real estate.
Extras: Additional resources such as complimentary whitepapers, case studies, and on-demand workshops on topics such as alternative workspace, energy management, and real-estate utilization analysis are available at PeopleCube’s Resource Center,