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avril 2012

Truffle Capital


Live Webinar to Discuss the Importance of Evaluating Real Estate Utilization Data through Workplace BI Technology to Achieve Significant Savings
FRAMINGHAM, Massachusetts—April 9, 2012
What: PeopleCube will host a live webinar entitled “Next Generation Workplace BI: Using Innovative Analytics to Uncover Real Estate Savings.” During this webinar Alan Yung of PeopleCube will discuss how organizations are able to capture real estate utilization data from multiple systems, and analyze that data using PeopleCube’s Workplace BI interactive reporting visualizations. Yung will review how these reporting visualizations are used to make informed decisions that can lead to increased spatial efficiency and lower energy and real estate costs.
Why: Today’s economic climate has forced companies to do more with less. With real estate typically the second largest expense for most organizations, it only makes sense to analyze the utilization of your real estate, particularly given that industry studies show that less than 40% of workspace is actually used at any given time. This webinar is designed to demonstrate the power of PeopleCube’s Workplace BI and how it can be used to track, measure, and analyze real estate utilization like never before.
When: Wednesday, April 11, from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM ET
How: Register to attend the webinar at
Content Details: The live webinar will explain how to integrate occupancy, traffic flow, and presence detection technology with Workplace BI to identify inefficient use of real estate and potential cost savings. It will showcase how to leverage Workplace BI and PeopleCube’s Resource Scheduler, Outlook, and other scheduling applications to uncover trends in room and resource bookings, and evaluate whether office hoteling and other flex work programs are delivering the expected value. Attendees will also learn how they can increase the ROI of their video conference and telework equipment, and reduce energy costs by capturing utilization and consumption data and analyzing how, when, and by whom it is being used.
Extras: Additional resources such as complimentary whitepapers, case studies, and on-demand workshops on topics such as alternative workspace, energy management, and real-estate utilization analysis are available at PeopleCube’s Resource Center,