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What are Truffle's investment criteria?

Truffle Capital invests in two sectors: Life Sciences (vaccines and therapeutic drugs, medical devices, cleantech) and Information Technology (software as a service (SaaS), fintech, Internet and mobile platforms). We invest in young and growing enterprises; the majority of the companies we invest in are unlisted at the time of investment, but we also invest in listed companies.

In which companies has Truffle invested?

Since its creation in 2001, Truffle Capital has financed more than 60 companies in the sectors in which it specialises.

Who are Truffle's team members?

Truffle Capital’s investment team is made up of professionals with both technical and financial expertise. It is led by two of Truffle Capital’s co-founders and managing directors: Dr. Philippe Pouletty, Life Sciences, and Bernard-Louis Roques,Information Technology, both of whom have a vast entrepreneurial experience.

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