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The fast pace of innovation in IT offers compelling investment opportunities

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Information Technology

Today more than ever the Information Technology sector offers compelling opportunities for private equity investors. Thanks to phenomena such as the proliferation of the Internet, the penetration of broadband, and the increasingly seamless flow of information and investment across geographies, the pace of innovation has accelerated dramatically.

Many European companies are at the forefront of innovation, particularly in telecommunications and mobile technologies. Software companies lead European R&D, with tremendous growth in revenues and profits, and serve as a powerful engine for creating employment and economic development.

We see remarkable investment opportunities in the form of spin-offs and buyouts of companies that have sustainable technological assets but lack adequate financing.

Truffle Capital concentrates on the following areas in Information Technology: mobile content and connectivity, Internet, technical software, IT security, and VOIP.

We also publish the Truffle 100, the leading hit parade of French and European software vendors that has become a leading reference for the IT industry. We also launched, for the first time in 2010, the Truffle 100 European Clusters ranking, a ranking of Europe top 42 hi-tech regions.

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