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Truffle Capital was a pioneer investor in the exciting field of Energy


Dietswell, a Paris-based spin-off from Dietsmann (NL), is a leading independent provider of drilling operations management services, experienced consultants and state-of-the-art well-engineering solutions. The company specializes in complex design, rig audit, drilling, work-over and completion engineering. Its engineers have successfully carried out a number of projects in most of the oil-producing countries, both onshore and offshore.

With an experienced team, where each member has an overall professional experience of 21 years in the oil and gas industry, Dietswell has been able to bid for important contracts with international groups.

Following an investment by Truffle Capital at the end of 2005, Dietswell continued to develop its international operations in Algeria, Venezuela and the Middle-East, while continuing its R&D activites. Dietswell is listed on Alternext (ALDIE).

Truffle Capital board member: Alex Ouimet-Storrs.