Notre offre FCPI Truffle InnoCroissance 2015 et Mandat de gestion

Truffle Capital was a pioneer investor in the exciting field of Energy

Eco Carbone

Eco-Carbone is very active in the new jatropha-based biofuel production market. It invests in several projects worldwide. Eco-Carbone provides technical advice to farmer communities who establish jatropha plantations. Eco-Carbone is both investor and manager of Industrial Joint Ventures, which produce crude oil and co-products of extraction.

Moreover, Eco-Carbone provides consulting services to develop projects in the area of climate change mitigation. Eco-Carbone particularly develops Green House Gas (GHGs) emission reduction projects, and markets the resulting carbon assets in both Kyoto Protocol-related and voluntary markets.

Eco-Carbone is active in a number of sectors and countries, and provides tailor-made solutions for carbon offset projects to both carbon assets’ buyers and sellers.

Truffle Capital’s investment has allowed Eco-Carbone to continue developing its presence on the markets for carbon credits and Jatropha.

Truffle Capital board member: Alex Ouimet-Storrs.