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Truffle Capital was a pioneer investor in the exciting field of Energy


Novad is a French spin-off from GTI (Knauf Packaging) specialized in the treatment and decontamination of soils, water and air. The company has patented technologies for the fabrication of an adsorptive material, Adsorpol™ that adsorbs hydrocarbons and heavy metals. The company has also developed products for water filtration both above ground and for decontamination of underwater springs and water tables.

Currently, within Europe there is a large demand for the treatment of polluted sites while the available technologies for rehabilitation of land are limited. Novad brings an innovative and effective solution to sites which are polluted by heavy metals and hydrocarbons. The environmental solutions sector is still fragmented and there is great potential for build up and consolidation in the sector.

The founders of Novad are competent and experienced managers, who have an industrial background and who are experienced in acquisitions. This combination of technical and financial skills will allow Novad to quickly expand.
Following an investment by Truffle Capital in 2006, Novad, in partnership with independent inventors and innovative companies, has begun developing solutions in the field of renewable energies.