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RF-iT Solutions is an Austrian R&D company based in Graz and founded in July 2005. It sells software and services for micro-chip non contact communication systems. These systems are also known as radio frequency identification systems (RFID). The company is a spin-off from Infineon, the German Group present world-wide in the semiconductor industry. RF-iT took charge of all Infineon activities related to RFID. These activities include the You-R® OPEN software, which Infineon developed to market readiness, as well as readers and service components.

RFID is rapidly becoming a mainstream technology in the logistics, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, garment rental, and asset tracking markets.

The product platform developed by RFiT is highly recognized by their customers, standards agencies, and leaders in wireless electronics in the US and Germany. This awareness and recognition is evidence of the quality and uniqueness of the products.

Following an investment by Truffle Capital and Pontis Venture Partners in 2006, RF-iT Solutions has continued to develop its range of RFID services and You-R OPEN products and to operate the RFID Solution Excellence Center in Graz.