Notre offre FCPI Truffle InnoCroissance 2015 et Mandat de gestion

Truffle Capital was a pioneer investor in the exciting field of Energy


Founded in 2005, SP3H has developed a system based on Near Infrared technology (NIR). A smart fuel sensor associated with proprietary algorithms to determine the fuel quality is combined with the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The sensor provides important added value to existing and future combustion engines. The technology is applicable to gaseous and liquid fuels: LPG, gasoline, diesel, kerosene and bio-fuels.

The technology thus allows the optimization of combustion engines, resulting in reduction of CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and pollutant emissions as well as improved reliability and performances of the engine.

Truffle Capital’s investment in SP3H in 2010 has helped it pursue its development plans and establish good partnerships with automotive constructors and tier one suppliers.

Truffle Capital board member: Alex Ouimet-Storrs.