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Truffle Capital was a pioneer investor in the exciting field of Energy


Velcan Energy is a Paris-based company specialized in electricity generation and in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the production and the trading of “carbon credits”. The company develops and finances renewable energy infrastructures (such as biomass power plants, hydro-electricity…) in fast-growing developing countries where the demand for electricity is huge. Velcan Energy offers solutions to fight global warming by producing electricity at low cost in emerging countries and selling carbon credits that comply with the Kyoto Protocol and which are traded in Europe. Since 2005 the company has been listed on the Paris Stock Market (NYSE-Euronext, MLVEL).

Following an investment of €1.77 million by Truffle Capital in 2006, Velcan Energy has pursued its development in Brazil and India, where it operates energy plants.

Truffle Capital exited this investment in 2007 by sale on the stock exchange.