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Truffle Capital was a pioneer investor in the exciting field of Energy


Watteco is a French company that has patented a unique technology using electromagnetic pulses to communicate between and control electrical appliances, allowing the company to propose innovative products in the fields of energy efficiency and communication.

Watteco’s patented technology WattPulse® and other products and services have unique competitive advantages. The cheap and non-intrusive electric consumption measurement products are accompanied by a range in appliance control which is extremely cost-competitive.

Watteco’s customers include energy suppliers, energy monitoring and audit firms, local authorities and electrical equipment dealers. With its unique power network communication technology, Watteco also provides system integrators with currently unmatched OEM solutions for applications in public lighting and the automation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Following an investment by Truffle Capital in 2006, Watteco has begun marketing its technology worldwide. As energy prices continue to rise, the efficient use of appliances and devices is becoming more important. This growing trend combined with breakthrough technology is an opportunity to become a world leader in Energy control.

Truffle Capital board member: Alex Ouimet-Storrs.