Notre offre FCPI Truffle InnoCroissance 2015 et Mandat de gestion

The fast pace of innovation in IT offers compelling investment opportunities

Kang was launched in September 2012, via Utel, an editor of mobile and web services, created in 2001. Utel has now sold all of its correlated activities to focus on Kang. enables you to get a fast and relevant answer via a web platform that allows you to buy or sell skills, talents and expertise (in law, finance, academic support, IT, mental health issues, well-being, clairvoyance…), by the minute. Whatever the field, Allokang Masters are available 24/7 to bring you your solution.

Bernard-Louis Roques et Mark Bivens are Board members.

Interview of Laetitia Alcover, CMO of Utel, during the fourth edition of the Truffle IT Exchange on the 4th July 2014

Interview of Laetitia Alcover, Co-founder and marketing director of Utel, at the third edition of the Truffle IT Exchange held on the 4th of July 2013

Interview de Nicolas Grumbach, PDG d’Utel, lors de la deuxième édition du Truffle IT Exchange, le 4 juillet 2012