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Deinove is a green technology company specialized in innovative, environmentally friendly, high-performance microbial processes for production of biofuels and other compounds of industrial or pharmaceutical value.

Deinove is the only company in the world with an activity based on systematic exploration of the deinococci – a bacterial genus with exceptional biodiversity and robustness.

Deinove was incorporated in late 2006 under the joint impetus of Philippe Pouletty, MD (General Partner of Truffle Capital) and Miroslav Radman (Professor at Descartes University of Paris, a member of the French Academy of Science and winner of the 2003 Grand Prix INSERM science prize).

Deinove is at the heart of the global challenge to set up biorefineries that can use non-food biomass and reduce our dependence on crude oil. Deinove has already partnered with industry players such as TEREOS – one of the world leaders in sugar, starch and alcohol production.

Deinove is leading the Deinol Project, a € 21.4 million project whose goal is to open up new pathways for lignocellulosic (“second-generation”) ethanol production in existing industrial installations and without the need for massive additional investment. The French innovation agency OSEO has awarded €8.9 million to the project (€6 million for DEINOVE).

In April 2010, Deinove performed its initial public offering on the Alternext market of NYSE Euronext Paris and raised € 12 million among a large base of investors (ALDEI).

Truffle Capital board members: Philippe Pouletty, M.D. Christian Pierret

L’intervention de Jacques Biton, Directeur Général de Deinove, lors de la 2e édition du Truffle Exchange organisé le 20 mars 2012.


Interview de Jacques Biton, Directeur Général de Deinove, lors de la deuxième édition du Truffle Exchange, quand la bourse rencontre l’innovation, le 20 mars 2012