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The fast pace of innovation in IT offers compelling investment opportunities

Truffle Capital is a pioneer investor in the exciting field of Energy

Biotechnology has radically transformed medicine over the past 25 years


Vaxin is an emerging biotechnology company which develops vaccines and other biological products to address unmet market and public health needs. The company uses a proprietary technology for non-invasive intranasal delivery, and has shown proof of principle in animals and in initial human clinical studies.

Truffle Capital originally invested in Immune Targeting Systems (ITS) Ltd, which was acquired by Vaxin in February 2015. ITS was a company founded in 2003 which developed synthetic vaccines for mutating viruses. The company’s enabling T-cell vaccine platform enabled it to target highly conserved parts of the virus (“antigens”) and direct a T-cell immune response to those cells in the body infected with one of these difficult viruses. ITS had received funding from life science investors and raised £14.5 million.

Truffle board member: Dr. Philippe Pouletty