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Immune Targeting Systems

Immune Targeting Systems (ITS) Ltd is developing synthetic vaccines for mutating viruses. The company’s enabling T-cell vaccine platform enables it to target highly conserved parts of the virus (“antigens”) and direct a T-cell immune response to those cells in the body infected with one of these difficult viruses. The fluoropeptide vaccine technology then delivers these antigens into the body and promotes robust T-cell immunity without requiring potentially toxic adjuvants which are normally used with vaccines to boost the responses achieved.

The first patient has been treated in sept 2010 in a Phase-I trial with its synthetic universal influenza vaccine (FP-01). Commencement of trials follows receipt of UK Regulatory Authority (MHRA) approval.

Over the same period the company received £500,000 in new investment from Esperante Ventures (UK). This brings total Series-A funding to £14.5 million from the syndicate of investors HealthCap (Sweden), London Technology Fund (UK), Novartis Venture Fund (US & Basel) and Truffle Capital.

Truffle Capital board member: Dr. Philippe Pouletty