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Based in Paris, PlasmaPrime SAS is a consultancy and training company that specializes in the field of blood transfusion. It is an expert in Quality procedures adapted to transfusion centres, training and the transposition of European directives relating to Quality and the safety of blood derivatives. Truffle Capital invested in PlasmaPrime in 2009.

With the aim of helping transfusion centres secure and develop their production of blood components, PLASMAPRIME has designed the TRANSFUCERT® quality standard for the collection, treatment and transformation of Labile Blood Products (LBP), which it is developing and introducing on an international scale through partnerships with transfusion centres.

After a certification granted by Bureau Veritas Certification, the Plasma produced by the qualified blood centres can then be proposed to fractionation laboratories either for fractionation services or as raw material for their own production of derivative medicines.

Truffle Capital board member: Dr. Philippe Pouletty