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Biotechnology has radically transformed medicine over the past 25 years


Theraclion, a French company, was spun off from Edap-Technomed in 2004, originally a pioneer in medical therapeutic ultrasounds. Theraclion develops, manufactures and markets the Echopulse, used in the non-invasive and ambulatory treatment of breast fibroadenoma, and thyroid nodules.

Theraclion is supported by an international medical and scientific committee composed of surgeons, radiologists, gynecologists, endocrinologists, nephrologists and physicists, and relies on the expertise of engineers, physicians, and business people to offer medical care providers and patients, a simple efficient and safe solution.

Truffle Capital is Theraclion’s majority shareholder.
Truffle Capital board members: Dr. Philippe Pouletty

Interview de David Caumartin, DG de Théraclion : «Nous avons des investisseurs prêts à nous suivre», 15/04/2015 – Le Revenu TV