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ABIVAX (Euronext: ABVX), co-founded by Truffle Capital (Dr Philippe Pouletty), is a leading biotechnology company in Europe, specialised in the discovery, development and sale of antiviral drugs and human vaccines for the treatment of some of the most serious infectious illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS and chronic hepatitis B. ABIVAX’s portfolio is comprised of two products at an advanced stage of development, which are the subject of clinical trials: ABX464, a new promising molecule against HIV and ABX203, a therapeutic vaccine against chronic hepatitis B. ABX464 was developed though ABIVAX’s antiviral platform, which allows a large number of viral targets to be covered through the production and transformation of viral DNA inside host cells. Abivax was listed on Euronext in June 2015.

Dr Philippe Pouletty is Chairman and Antoine Pau member of the Board of Directors of ABIVAX.