FCPI Truffle Développement

With the retail fund (FCPI) Truffle Développement, you have the opportunity to support listed innovative companies and benefit from a tax deduction in in exchange for blocking your assets between 7 and 10 years.

Presentation video

Sneha Hiremath, Head of Investors Relations


The retail fund FCPI Truffle Développement will focus on listed or to-be listed growing companies, after having eradicated or diminished the risks linked to the environment of technology start-ups. At least 50% of the assets of the fund will be invested in listed companies within an organized non-regulated market. Therefore, there is a risk of capital and liquidity loss. The FCPI Truffle Développement aims at investing in order to outperform or match the Alternext index.


Product Retail fund (FCPI)
Investment strategy SMEs, mainly listed
Investment sectors Life Sciences and Information Technology
Minimum installment 1.000 euros, then multiples of 100 euros
Tax relief At the start:

–          18% income tax relief with a maximum instalment of 12.000 euros for a single person and 24.000 euros for a couple.

At the exit:

–          Relief on capital gains taxation, before social taxes.

Blocking of funds period 6 years, with  a possible 1 year extension, depending on the decision of the asset management company
% invested in eligible SMEs 70%
Status Open to new subscriptions