Investment strategy

Since its creation, Truffle Capital has supported innovative companies which act as drivers of job creation and economic development. We continually build upon a unique portfolio of companies by proactively seeking investment opportunities, promoting spin-offs (from industrial groups, universities or laboratories) and aiding in the creation of new companies. This approach allows Truffle Capital to invest early in the life of a business at a low valuation providing investors the opportunity to benefit from future growth.

Our added value

With an entrepreneurial approach to investment, Truffle Capital provides not only financial backing to its companies but also strategic assistance with a double purpose: transforming companies into leaders in their sector and generating higher potential returns for investors.

We often acquire large or majority holdings in companies to demonstrate our confidence in their projects and to best represent our investors’ interests. Truffle Capital helps companies:

  • Develop their business plan and legal structuring;
  • Recruit qualified and skilled individuals for key positions;
  • Create powerful boards of directors with successful entrepreneurs, top leaders in the sector and potential strategic partners;
  • Find additional financing from new shareholders and public bodies.

Our sectors


Many factors have allowed a highly favorable environment for investments in the Life Sciences sector, factors such as the ageing population, a better understanding of the mechanisms of disease following the “biotechnological revolution”, a cost management policy in the health field, the need for pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers to renew their product catalogues., We focus on three areas: vaccines and therapeutic drugs, medical devices and green chemistry.


Digital technologies have revolutionized various industries and definitely transformed our modes of consummation, communication and interaction. As one of the most innovative sectors, information technology has invaded all industries and helped increase productivity and efficiency, opening up new horizons, changing our way of life and creating endless possibilities.

In the information technology sector, Truffle Capital focuses on the following areas: software as a service (SaaS), fintech, Internet and mobile platforms.


Truffle Capital has financed several companies in the cleantech field. We continue to support these promising companies and assist them in their growth.