Notre offre FCPI Truffle InnoCroissance 2015 et Mandat de gestion

The Truffle team is composed of professionals with many years of experience in the private equity & technology businesses.

Alexandre Ouimet-Storrs

Partner Cleantech

Prior to working at Truffle in May 2011, Alex was hired in the START program at Air Liquide SA in Paris to work as an Energy Manager for Europe, working primarily on physical and financial cogeneration plant optimization (800 MW in Europe). Alex has an extensive knowledge of energy markets and electricity production technologies.

He co-founded two startups in Canada – one of them won the Quebec Entrepreneurship Competition in 2005.

Alex graduated from McGill University in Montreal with a Bachelors degree (2004) and a Masters (2006) in Chemical Engineering. From 2003 to 2004, he was board member of McGill University.

Board member of Acerde, Neelogy, Sp3H, OHT, Dietswell, Eco Carbone, 2B Energy, Actility