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The Truffle team is composed of professionals with many years of experience in the private equity & technology businesses.

Dr Philippe Pouletty

Co-Founder and General Partner

He is a Biotech and Medtech industry veteran, with dual experience in the Silicon Valley and in France.

Founder and Chairman of Deinove (Alternext: ALDEI) and Abivax, Co-Founder and Board member of Carbios (Alternext:ALCRB), Carmat (Alternext: ALCAR), Biokinesis, Pharnext, Plasmaprime, Vexim (Alternext:ALVXM), Board member of Myopowers, Symetis, Theraclion (Alternext:ALTHE), Theradiag (Alternext: ALTER), Vaxin, all of which are Truffle Capital portfolio companies.

Dr. Pouletty is an Independent Board member of Innate Pharma (Euronext). Founder of SangStat (1988, organ transplantation therapeutics, IPO on NASDAQ in 1993, sold to Genzyme for $600M in 2002) and Conjuchem (founded in 1993, IPO on the Toronto stock exchange in 2000).

He is the former Chairman (2001-2009) and current Honorary Chairman of France Biotech, the French biotech industry association, and former Vice Chairman of Europabio, the European biotech industry association. He conceived the Young Innovative Entreprise Status (JEI), which was implemented in
France by President Chirac in 2004 and was recently designated as the best tax incentive by the European Commission.

He is the inventor of 29 patents, including the second highest revenue generating life science patent for Stanford University.

A former hematology and immunology resident in Paris hospitals, Dr. Pouletty holds an MD from the University of Paris VI and graduated summa cum laude in immunology from l’Institut Pasteur, was a post-doctoral research fellow (1986-1988) at Stanford University, earning him entry into the prestigious Stanford University Hall of Fame of Inventors in 2012, 1999 laureate of the American Liver Foundation. He was also awarded the Chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur.