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Truffle Capital - An Entrepreneurial DNA

Truffle Capital is made up of a company of 24 professionals of various nationalities: French, Italian, Mauritian, British . They are men and women passionate about innovation financing.

Since its creation in 2001, Truffle Capital has been a key player in European Venture Capital, specializing in breakthrough technologies in the IT (FinTech and InsurTech) and Life Sciences (BioTech and MedTech) sectors.

Truffle Capital's mission is to support the creation and development of young innovative companies, capable of becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

The company is led by three Associates with decades of successful investment and entrepreneurial experience in both Europe and the United States, including Silicon Valley, and is supported by an international team of investment specialists. investment.

Truffle Capital's mission is to leverage its knowledge of the industry, its extensive network, and its field experience to identify each company's opportunities to meet the needs of the market with the ultimate goal of improving financial performance. for investors.

Today, Truffle Capital manages more than 450 million euros and has raised more than 900 million euros through personal vehicles (FCPI, management mandate, holding companies) as well as institutional funds (FPCI) and has built a strong portfolio of innovative, fast-growing companies.

Truffle Capital supported 70 companies, 14 of which were listed and 15 M & A organized.

Truffle Capital's policy is to take majority stakes in portfolio companies in order to be involved in their management. Truffle identifies companies whose businesses or projects respond to unmet market demand and have the potential to grow into high value-added businesses. This is how Truffle Capital unearths the nuggets of tomorrow and then supports them in their development and financial strategy, visit

We have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to seize unique investment opportunities across Europe and implement financial engineering solutions that enable companies to strategically position themselves in their markets.

Our investment policy is based on 4 concepts: a "better" life, a more innovative world, a stronger economy, and happier investors. Our focus on radical innovation and disruptive technologies runs from the creation or co-creation of portfolio companies to their exit with a high multiple.

Thanks to an extensive network of contacts and a targeted investment strategy, we have successfully listed several companies on the stock market and the industrial sale of many others.