Truffle Fintech Study - Super App Race & Crypto

« With a record market capitalization of $3 trillion, the crypto market is becoming a significant investment sector which cannot be ignored. »

Truffle Capital has undertaken a brief review of the phenomenon of financial Super Apps (following the Wechat and Alipay models) and the potential for traditional banks to seize the opportunity using cryptocurrencies as hook products

« Super App is a single application that enables a consumer to access multiple products in an integrated fashion, providing greater value than the consumer would achieve by going to individual apps for each product instead.

The trend of Super App is originated in China as WeChat Pay and Alipay – the mobile payment apps for Tencent and Alibaba respectively – started integrating payment (in store and online), daily life services (food order, ride hailing, ticket booking etc.) and wealth management (investment, insurance, credit access, etc.) into a single and easy-to-use interface which satisfies most of the daily transaction needs for consumers and enable them to go cardless.

Following the lead of WeChat Pay and Alipay, the emergence of Super Apps is seen everywhere around the world ... »

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