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Carbios is a green chemistry company producing innovative industrial bioprocesses for the biodegradation and biorecycling of plastic and textile polymers.

In particular, Carbios has achieved a world first, with the 100% recycling of a PET bottle (coca cola type) paving the way for a truly circular plastics economy.

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Carbios' major innovation is to use an enzyme, a biological material, that will depolymerize the plastic. 97% of PET can be depolymerized in just 16 hours. We get a zero waste plastic, explains Alain Marty, scientific director of the company located near Clermont-Ferrand.

Carbios can become the world technological leader in plastics recycling, making political and ecological objectives an industrial reality, helping to clean up our planet, and reducing the use of hydrocarbons to make plastics.




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