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Franck Burguière

Co-Founder & CEO


Richard Kim

Co-Founder & CTO

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ShareGroop is for anyone who consumes in groups on the Internet, for example, to fly, rent an apartment or go to a game. The company is directly positioned in the web-buyer's purchasing process, unlike online pools, there is no collection to organize before the purchase. Nor is there any cash advance to be made for his relatives, unlike repayment applications that are positioned after the advance has been made. The application is based on two potential markets:

  • E-tourism: €20 billion in volume and 7% growth in France in 2017 with a group purchase rate of 35%. ShareGroop has Air France, HOP! and the UCPA among its customers in this market.
  • Events: €8 billion in volume and 20% growth in France in 2017 with a group purchasing rate of 40%. In this sector, ShareGroop has the Stade de France, Apollo Théâtre among its customers and Sécutix, Rodrigue, MaPlace and TicketPass as partners.

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E-tourism is one of the sectors of activity for which the group purchasing rate is the most important. Purchases made in this sector are therefore particularly subject to the penalty of a cash advance. Offering ShareGroop on its payment page allows the e-merchant to improve the conversion rate, enrich the CRM of co-payers' contacts and build customer loyalty around an innovative experience.


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