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Ellen Roche wins National Science Fondation CAREER Award

The Institute is proud to announce that IMES faculty member and Helmholtz Career Development Professor Ellen Roche has been named a recipient of a renowned National Science Foundation CAREER award, recognizing early-career faculty for their potential as prominent leaders in both academia and in scientific research, who have “proven themselves exemplary in integrating” these realms.

Among thousands of applicants, Roche was selected as a grantee for her project, “Hybrid Biorobotic Matrices to Simulate Diaphragmatic and Myocardial Biomechanics.” She will receive a total of $536,769 for this work over the course of five years.

Professor Roche’s lab, Therapeutic Technology Design & Development, is centered on designing mechanical assist devices that augment the function of failing organs, the delivery of drugs using minimally invasive vehicles to diseased locations in the heart, and on creating computational tools that monitor the effectiveness of such devices.

“I’m honored to win this award and eager to begin developing high-fidelity simulators for testing and educational purposes,” Roche said.

By Annie YOUNG