BioMedTech Press Release

AFFLUENT MEDICAL announces the success of its initial public offering on the Euronext Paris regulated market

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Affluent Medical, a French medtech specialising in the international development and industrial scale-up of innovative medical prostheses, at a clinical stage, to treat urinary incontinence and cardiac mitral valve pathology (the “Company”), today announces the success of its initial public offering with a view to the admission of its shares for trading on the Euronext Paris regulated market (ISIN code: FR0013333077 – ticker: AFME).

Commenting on the success of the IPO, Michel Finance, Chairman and CEO of Affluent Medical, said:

“I would like to thank all our new shareholders, individuals and institutions, as well as our existing shareholders, in particular Truffle Capital, who have demonstrated their confidence in us by contributing to the success of our IPO. I would also like to give my particular thanks to our employees, who contribute to Affluent Medical’s success every day through their commitment and trust. The funds raised provide us with the necessary means to pursue our development plan and bring our various innovative medical devices to market. We expect to generate our first revenues in 2023,1 when Kalios comes to market in Europe. Our aim is quickly to become a global medtech player working for a better quality of life for millions of patients suffering from urinary incontinence and cardiac mitral valve pathology.”

The Board of Directors of Affluent Medical, meeting today, has set the price of the initial public offering at €8.60 per share at the mid-price of the range (€7.40 to €9.80).

Total demand expressed amounted to 2,906,978 shares, breaking down as 72% for the international offering (orders from French and foreign institutional investors, representing demand of €18.0 million) and 28 % for the open price offering (over 4,771 individual investors, representing demand of €7.0 million).

A total of 2,906,978 new shares will be issued, bringing to 18,163,802 the number of shares comprising the Company’s capital after the completion of the capital increase. On this basis, and in view of the IPO price of €8.60 per share, Affluent Medical’s market capitalisation is approximately €156 million.

The free float represents 34.11 % of the Company’s capital.

Settlement-delivery of the open price offering and the international offering is scheduled for 11 June 2021 and the shares will be admitted to trading on the Euronext Paris regulated market from 14 June 2021, in continuous listing, under the ISIN code FR0013333077 and the ticker AFME.