This very early observation, led Truffle Capital to sign the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in January 2012 . Thus, Truffle Capital was one of the first players in the French private equity market committed to respect the 6 main principles of this key initiative for the development of responsible finance.

Truffle Capital believes that good management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors make it more appealing, improve the management of the risk as a whole and maximise returns on a portofolio over the long term.

Societal impacts


Integrating ESG criteria to Truffle Capital’s historical investment strategy

By focusing primarly on life sciences and digital technologies, Truffle Capital is well-placed to ensure that its investments can have a positive impact on society. This objective to controle the impact of its investment, which constitutes the first pillar of its responsible investment approach, is reinforced by an exclusion policy which aims, as a corollary, further the positive repercussions of its investments.



Integrating ESG criteria at all stages of its investment process in order to align the company with the best industry standards

The key principles of PRI engagement embraced by Truffle Capital have been embodied in a Responsible Investment (RI) Policy and the inclusion of ESG factors in Truffle's analysis and investment process, as well as in its active shareholding approach.

Disclosure Regulation


Management company's policy regarding the Disclosure Regulation

Most of 2019/2088 (UE) regulation provisions known as "Disclosure Regulation or SFDR, Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation" entered into force on March 10, 2021. They involve, in particular, the identification of sustainability risks that may affect the investment value (financial risks) and the inclusion or not of negative sustainability impact (non-financial risks of the investment that may, in the medium / long term, have a negative impact on the societal or natural environment).