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Paris, May, 11th 2021

Truffle Capital, founder, joins Carbios for its’ successful €114 million capital increase closed last night, for €105 million initially targeted and oversubscribed at 207%. It is year to date the second largest fundraising in biotech in Europe (and the largest in the chemical and plastics industry). This capital increase is also the largest that includes a public offering ever realized on Euronext Growth Paris. This capital increase will give Carbios the means to pursue its strategy with the construction of a first of a kind 100% PET recycling facility exploiting its technology and to further enhance its growth.

Carbios is a company created and supported by Truffle Capital since 2011. Carbios is pioneer in the development of biotechnology solutions, dedicated to plastics bio-recycling, specifically with the use of a revolutionary enzymatic process, towards a sustainable circular plastic economy. Carbios addresses key environmental issues and sustainable development challengesthat corporations and government face.. Since January 1st, 2019, Carbios generated a 740% share price performance.

Carbios is one of the illustrations of Truffle Capital’s Entrepreneur-Investor – business model. Truffle Capital created Carbios in 2011 and supported it through the boards of directors and board committees, for every strategic decision: R&D, IPO, industrial partnership, in close collaboration with CEO Jean-Claude Lumaret and his management team, other board members and main shareholders including L’Oréal, Michelin and now L’Occitane, towards the industrialization stage and potential world leadership in plastics bio-recycling.

Truffle’s long term operational and financial support contributed to the maturation of the technologies developed by Carbios, including major breakthroughs recognized by the international scientific community for plastic recycling (in April 2020, Carbios made the cover of Nature, the prestigious scientific journal, with Alain Marty, Carbios R&D vice-president,, a co-author.) Truffle Capital provided its skills and expertise for each key stage of Carbios growth, in particular thanks to its presence at the board of directors and committees. Philippe Pouletty M.D., CEO and co-founder of Truffle Capital, along with Alain Chevalier, Senior Partner in the BioMedTech team are board members, and members of the remuneration and recruitment, intellectual property, and audit committees.

This fundraising is a key milestone for Truffle Capital, which is working on its future successes, especially Affluent Medical, another Truffle rising star company. Affluent Medical is a MedTech at a clinical stage, developing three disruptive implants.These devices address multi-billion dollar markets in cardiology and urology; And Diaccurate an immune-oncology and immune-virology biotech company Medeor, the Truffle new late-stage fund, should soon be able to complete the financing of disruptive innovations such as Carbios, Abivax, Carmat and Affluent Medical, targeting 70% of MedTech companies and 30% of BioTech or GreenTech companies, from late stages to industrialization and commercialization, systematically as a lead, “hands-on” investor.