Alain Chevallier


Senior Partner, Biomedtech

Alain Chevallier has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry to which he has devoted his entire professional career. He spent 30 years in the Sanofi Group, during which he held various positions of GM of subsidiaries abroad (Latin America, Japan) and finance departments as Chief Financial Officer of Aventis Pharma SA and Sanofi Aventis France, he joined Truffle Capital as a Venture Partner in 2007 and then as a Partner in 2016. In 2008, he co-founded Splicos (now Abivax) with Truffle Capital and led as acting-CFO the IPO of Deinove (2010) and Abivax (2016), and as Chairman that of Carbios. He currently is member of the Board of Carbios and chairman of ArteDrone, Treasurer and Administrator of the ARC Cancer Research Foundation. Alain graduated from HEC.