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    Abivax is listed on EURONEXT GROWTH PARIS since june 2015
    Truffle investment
    € 32M

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President Emmanuel Macron congratulates Carbios on the 2nd anniversary of France 2030, Vexim (MedTech acquired by Stricker for $200 million), Carmat, Symetis (MedTech acquired by Boston Scientific for $430 million), Affluent Medical (MedTech, listed on the stock exchange), Diaccurate and Caranx Medical.

As a former Paris hospital intern in immunology and hematology, Dr Pouletty holds a doctorate in medicine from the University of Paris VI and a master's degree in immunology and virology from the Institut Pasteur. He was a post-doctoral researcher (1986-1988) at Stanford University.

He is the winner of the 1999 American Liver Foundation Award. Doctor Philippe Pouletty is a Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur.


Philippe Pouletty, M.D.

Chairman of Abivax, Co-Founder & CEO at Truffle Capital



In summary

Truffle Capital has created and invested in Abivax to develop two unique platforms that address huge medical needs and a multi-billion dollar market: viral diseases, particularly HIV/AIDS, inflammatory diseases, including digestive system diseases and liver cancer.

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We are now moving forward as quickly as possible with our phase 3 plan in ulcerative colitis as well as phase 2b/3 in Crohn’s disease to bring ABX464 to the many patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease




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