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    Truffle investment
    € 17M
    Carmat is listed on EURONEXT GROWTH PARIS since 2010

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President Emmanuel Macron congratulates Carbios on the 2nd anniversary of France 2030, Vexim (MedTech acquired by Stricker for $200 million), Carmat, Symetis (MedTech acquired by Boston Scientific for $430 million), Affluent Medical (MedTech, listed on the stock exchange), Diaccurate and Caranx Medical.

As a former Paris hospital intern in immunology and hematology, Dr Pouletty holds a doctorate in medicine from the University of Paris VI and a master's degree in immunology and virology from the Institut Pasteur. He was a post-doctoral researcher (1986-1988) at Stanford University.

He is the winner of the 1999 American Liver Foundation Award. Doctor Philippe Pouletty is a Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur.


Philippe Pouletty, M.D.

Co-Founder & CEO at Truffle Capital

In summary

Founded in 2008, designer and developer of the world's most advanced total artificial heart project; Carmat's goal is to fill the well-known heart transplant gap for the tens of thousands of people suffering from irreversible terminal heart failure, the most severely affected population among the 20 million patients with this progressive disease in Europe and the United States. Carmat intends to become the number one leader in heart transplantation.



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