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In addition to being fast and reliable, the Smile & Pay application is also very easy to use. It is compatible with smartphones and tablets running on iOS7, Android 4.1 and newer versions. The application connects directly to these different devices via Bluetooth. In no time at all, a receipt is sent by SMS to the customer via the Smile & Pay application. Not to mention that it records the history of transactions. As a result, it is impossible to misplace receipts.

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The needs in this sector are considerable and are increasing rapidly with the expansion of microenterprises. Thanks to the Smile&Pay offer, nearly 800,000 entrepreneurs and companies could benefit from this tool in the long term and thus offer the holders of France's 63 million bank cards new opportunities for use.

By simplifying the acceptance of credit card payments, this solution promotes the integration of self-employed entrepreneurs and freelancers into formal economic channels, completely independent of any bank account or mobile subscription", said Bernard-Louis Roques, co-founder and CEO of Truffle Capital.


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